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Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are people of faith, committed to the transformation of others that are suffering from addiction, domestic violence, human trafficking, homelessness or trauma of any kind.

We are about God,country and family. We live out our faith. We love the Pledge of Allegiance. We’re grateful for the men and women in blue and we love our country deeply.

We believe we’re serving our country by challenging a belief system around addiction. We are tired of the broken homes, mother’s losing their children, absent fathers (and mothers), homelessness, mental illness (often caused by drug use) and we are completely over our childhood friends, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers dying. Enough!

We know that an honest days work is good for the soul and handouts do not work but we totally love giving a hand up. We do not believe addiction is an incurable disease and we absolutely refuse to be identified by our past infirmities when we describe ourselves. We are taking responsibility for the choices that we have made, healing from our broken hearts, and facing the consequences of our actions.

We’re not about ‘helping’ someone just get clean or find housing or addressing the trauma and send them on their way.  There is a place for all of that but it is a small piece in a much bigger picture. We are supporting creative, amazing, talented people and partnering with their vision for a new life.  If they don’t have vision, we help them dream again.  We believe in getting clear and intentional about where someone is headed and create practical strategies and form habits to make lasting change. We get to experience the most extraordinary people come back to life every day. We train, develop, and teach how to become ladies and gentlemen and to live honorably in community. No dream is too big. We’re a family so the love and support just never ends.

We’ll go to the darkest places to reach people where they’re at. Like, we are radical on how far we’ll go to reach someone sometimes. Children are involved, babies even…innocent victims swept up in their parent’s life choices.  Those kids are counting on us, as well.  We show up for the ones that most have lost hope in. We’ve been there…and we are unafraid of how messy it gets.  We’ll hit the streets, take calls at all hours of the night and work with local law enforcement.

We call people up to their God-given purpose. Without a purpose, people perish, Period: Internally, spiritually, mentally, physically, sometimes all of these. When we aren’t living out who we were meant to be, we die slowly; some of us turn to drugs but all of us turn to something. You can call this philosophy religious, but we just call it reality.

We understand our beliefs are controversial, but we are brave enough to stand firmly for the lives of those entrapped in the standard “victim” approach to addiction. Addiction is a totally preventable death.  We are prepared to challenge this belief system around it and we are open to explore and have the tough conversations. We’re cool with that, no matter how hard it gets. Let’s stay in the conversation, the strategies, the solutions together.  Whatever it takes. This is who we are.

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