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Training Partners

Training Partners

Our Partners

Crossing the Jordan loves partnering with the very best. Over the years, we have worked closely with both of these extraordinary trainers and their organizations. Each of them, gifted uniquely, have poured into those we serve in our community.

The Transformation Workshops that each of them lead have been an integral part of the Crossing the Jordan curriculum over the years. We continue to support our senior residents and alumni to attend outside workshops for the purpose of building a network of support and to continue their training on how to live a life of purpose in pursuit of their individual visions.

These training’s are available to you and we are blessed to share who they are and more about their workshops. A part of our vision at Crossing the Jordan, is to support others in living a life of passion, purpose and power. This is how we build a better tomorrow together. This is how we impact the world for good.

Enjoy find out more about our training partners and their extraordinary training’s and coaching academies.

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