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It’s me, Barney, the Pastor on Staff.

I have been married 45 years to my wonderful wife, Linda, and I have 2 grown children, 6 grandchildren and a new great-grandchild. Wow. Is all this really possible?

We’ve owned a local shop, The Birds Nest in Santa Rosa, for 23 years. Occasionally my wife and I will refurbish furniture so we can sell it online, so we can do some traveling around the world. This ‘online selling thing’ is pretty cool.

We have a two-and-half-acre organic farm that I love to work on. My most relaxing time is spent sitting on the tractor and mowing the high grass. It’s so peaceful to me. Reading on the back porch overlooking our property just restores me after a long day at ‘the office’, as well.

One of my newer favorite pastimes is messing with my co-worker Kristi’s head, whom I work with the most, or another graduate. Since I’m the pastor on staff, they all can really give it to me sometimes. There is no shortage of joking going on at Crossing the Jordan, so I’ve just learned to give it right back.

One time I pretended to have a heart attack at the copy machine. I fell on the floor, the whole thing. When they figured out I was actually just joking, they started to pretend kick me when I was on the ground and videotaped it. No respect, right? But really, we have the best times. I’ve narrowed my life’s purpose down to this: I shovel manure at my farm in the evening and during the day I shovel the spiritual manure out of peoples’ lives. I’m cool with that.

I have to tell you, this place took me a little while to get used to. After 40 years as a fulltime Senior Pastor at a conservative church, I was asking God what the heck He was doing, putting me here. I mean, this place is raw, in every sense of the word. That unsettling feeling I had only lasted a week, though, because when I opened my eyes I saw the realness, the extraordinary love, everyone had for each other. I told my family, “This is what I’ve been longing for.” The authenticity, the sacrifice for each other: it touches my heart and soul every single day in a new and different way. This is Jesus. They are who He would hang out with. I get it now. And they aren’t a they anymore. We are a family.

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