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The Team

The Team


Cultivating a healthy tribe is our team’s #1 focus.

The Crossing the Jordan team is dedicated to modeling a life of passion, power and purpose. We live and breathe what we do. Our work never ends, yet we don’t seem to work a day in our lives. Our attitude of gratitude is the fuel that keeps us moving forward.

We rise as a team by lifting each other up to the next level. Our goal is to create opportunities to ‘level up’ personally and professionally, so we operate with the mindset that ‘training your replacement well’ is an effective stepping stone to advancement. We hold no one back and the sky is the limit to anyone who wants to reach for it.

Our team continues to grow, and the few of us being highlighted here are only a portion of the army behind the scenes, driven to inspire, create, and build an organization like no other. Crossing the Jordan is a high-performance company that operates with excellence.  This is how we change lives. The past can have no hold on us when the future is so bright.

We thank our ambassadors, donors, customers, resident families and prayer warriors for your partnership and support. We stand together for healing, strength and freedom. Cheers to a super fab team!


The Team

Costas Schuler
Never a dull moment around here, a seer pleasure to be around such an extraordinary tribe
Sarah Grieb
I came in as a consultant and fell in love with the people.
Barney Cargile
There is nothing I love more than spiritual guidance that leads to growth
The Founders
We Co-founded Crossing the Jordan when we fell in love. Our Beginning is a pretty wild story and reads like a true crime novel we think you will enjoy
The Originals
Meet the pioneers, motivators and leaders at Crossing the Jordan, they are the reason why we exist and their stories will inspire you.

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