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Hello, my dear! I’m Kristi McDonald. Welcome to a little bit about me.

I guess you could call me a behind-the-scenes, keep-the-program-flowing kind of team member. I keep saying that we need to start a reality series because I’ve got the front seat to all of it and you have no idea. The show ‘Intervention’ has nothing on us. One typical morning I’ll be interviewing someone at detox that’s barely putting sentences together, then next I’m off to court to plead with the judge to just give us one more chance with this person, and by the end of the day I am at the Child Protective Offices helping a mother trying to get her babies back. And I could do all of this for the rest of my life! I absolutely love what I do.

I schedule appointments, advocate, coordinate, and work with parole officers and probation. All this while spinning on my head, at least that’s how I feel sometimes! We’re really making an impact in this community. Looking back, when all this began,  it’s hard to believe I was just like the women I am helping.

Back then, no one in the courts really took us seriously. It’s kind of funny when we look back, how rough it was in the beginning. Who were we, anyway? A bunch of misfits trying to do something different in this town, or in our country? We always thought big, even from day one. My heart skips a beat now every time I hear a judge sentence someone to Crossing the Jordan, believing in us, in who we are today as an organization. You can’t argue with results and you can’t deny the love around this place. We ooze it.

The hardest part of my job is watching someone walk out, quit on their life before the miracle happens. It’s the hardest part of all of our jobs. We just keep the door open, staying in a spirit of forgiveness and then (I can’t count how many times) we get the call, “I just want to come home.” We’re a home. A family that doesn’t stop the day after graduation.

Change happens when we get out of our comfort zone. Don’t get us wrong, this stuff is hard. Transformation is a process which can be painful. but it is oh, so worth it. We don’t make it all cozy and comfy, that’s not at all what we are about.

In my free time (yeah, right) I love to go to the gym, especially with my daughter, Emma Lee. My son Jason’s 16 and giving me a run for my money, but it’s all worth it. The teenage years almost kill the best of us. My love language is good food at a good restaurant (that I have a coupon for) as I totally have a thing for carbs. I’m the girl you want in your corner. I’ve got a mouth, which seems to be a theme among my sisters, but I will hold you and cry with you and guide you with every ounce of fight in me. I’m also penny-pinching, coupon-cutting, good-credit, money-saving guru. No one can figure out how I roll like I do. I’m a serious expert on saving now. I am obsessed with finding ways to tuck it away and I think I should teach classes, as often as I get asked. I’m still waiting for the man God has for me and I am willing to wait. I’ve got my tribe. I know who I am and what I’m worth.

Fun facts

  • Can’t live without: My kids
  • Hidden Talent: Saving Money
  • My Happy Place: Jesse Jings’ Massage

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