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Hey, people, what’s up? I’m Kasandra.

Please don’t confuse me with ‘Cassandra’. That’s really getting old. Ok, that started off wrong. I’m the blunt one in the family but I also happen to be the nicest. There’s a saying around here. It sounds kind of snooty coming from me but the word on the street is that “everybody wants to be like Kas.” That’s what my besties say. Dana coined the phrase. Guess it’s because I am the most chill out of us all and I’m totally the ‘glass half full’ kind of friend.

I’m the company go-to for spelling errors and run-on sentences. Wait, is that how you spell ‘run-on’? ‘Their’ is not confused with ‘there’ when I’m around. I google everything. I’m quick learner. Literally, I googled the entire time on the job. If you need a copy of some nonprofit documents, I’m your go-to girl for that too. I keep Dana in order. She listens to me. I’m trustworthy and loyal to my friends. You won’t catch me gossiping and I have your back, even if I’m not sure I like you yet. I’m a jokester like Fallon and Emma. We never have a boring day in this place!

I’m an Executive Assistant by day, and by night, I’m a mom of of two blonde-haired, blue-eyed boys. My husband has the same killer baby blues. Wanna hear a miracle? My husband was gone, out of the picture, still out there somewhere and we had little to no communication.

With so much damage done, the rejection, resentment and bitterness was always trying to take root, but I never stopped praying. I just prayed and prayed and prayed some more, and God heard my prayers. One day, he came home. All the way home. To Jesus, to being a father, being a provider, sober, kind, loving and free. We had a huge second wedding with all the Originals as my bridesmaids. Anything is possible. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

My chill personality keeps the crazy a little calmer in this place. When stuff happens, I’m like, “ it’s nothing but blessings.” I get teased for always saying that, but I mean it, deep down in my soul. You might be getting a theme, a common thread among all of us. We’re grateful, off-the-charts thankful for where we are all today, and not just because we have a past. We were never happy just ‘staying clean’. That bar is way to low for us, and we have a problem with our culture’s low expectations. We are professionals, mothers, rockstars for goodness sake and, yup, life is nothing but blessings.

Fun Facts

  • Guilty Pleasure : Mugshots.com
  • Can’t live without : Water
  • Happy Place : Disneyland

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