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I’m “The Emma,” don’t ya know?

I love making funny music videos and celebrity look-alike memes of people I know. I’m the go-to for all things interior design. I can come up into your space and take 3 things and move them around to create a stylish vibe. I have a unique sense of humor which sometimes freaks people out on social media. Which I also think is funny. I vacuum my house sometimes twice a day and my husband’s just as obsessed with lines in the carpet. I love cooking and hospitality is my great gift. I love to remember the little things about the ones I love. My friends say that I throw a damn good brunch. Tea and finger sandwiches all day long. I have 3 beautiful daughters whom I live for and in my downtime I like to catch up on my VHI reality shows. I know, right? I’m also the Queen of Practical Jokes, so be careful when I’m around. You might get caught with a horn blower in your ear as I record it live on Facebook.

I’m like literally obsessed with giving to others. Like it gives me the best feeling in life ever. I will seriously stop and give you the shirt off of my back if you need it. I am in love with the program girls and my favorite thing to do is spoil the ones that have no idea what it’s like to feel loved. I am tall, tan and gorgeous.

I am Dana’s right hand woman and bestie. I have helped build our new franchise model, I style the stores and store windows, and I’m kind of a big deal around here. I take this company seriously and treat it like it’s my own. We all do. I steward every dollar with purpose because of how dramatically it affects the next mother and child coming in to change their life. But fun is my middle name. I will pick up garbage and have a good time doing it. And if you don’t have fun with me, you’ll be in the next meme. I am serious about humor, people. And yes, it gets me in trouble.

I love full lashes, perfect nails, furry steering wheel covers, Jesus, my sistas, and anything glam. My thoughts? Go big or go home.

  • Can’t live without: A full set of Acrylic
  • Hidden Talent: E-40 Impression
  • Most Likely To Shop: Yes, please!

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