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Brent Sealund, here, and let me make one thing clear.

Just kidding, I won’t be rapping my bio. But I could spit a free flow, if you’d like me to. I sort of pride myself on being a “cool” dad to our three children. I’m mature but I think it’s important to keep up with the trends to always stay relevant to our growing children.

I’m a super hands-on kind of father. I show up and suit up, if necessary. I’ll dance hip hop with my youngest girl and chill with the oldest ones whenever possible. My passion is to show them a life of adventure and laughter. I’ve learned to lead my family and lead them well. I’m into style and new shoes are my thing.

I firmly believe that a fresh cut from the barber is what starts a weekend right. I love concerts and I was raised with a strong love for music. I love my wife deeply. She’s the sarcastically witty one, so I apologize in advance for her behavior. I think life might be boring without her smart mouth…I think. I believe in 2 showers a day. I have a frequent love affair with ice cream and peanut butter cups. I am an active, salad eating, Jesus-loving guy.

My weekdays consist of woodworking at its finest. Custom barn doors are my specialty. Currently, I’m doing full home rebuilds from the recent North Bay Wildfires. People say I’m gifted at what I do. That’s cool to hear. I’ve come along way. Each of us have. I love looking to my left and to my right and know I am surrounded by the tightest community I have ever even heard of. We have each other’s back in everything we do. Being passionate, energetic, dancing and singing is how I move through life. “Today is a good day.”


  • Guilty Pleasure: Ice Cream and Peanut Butter Cups
  • Hidden Talent: Saving Money
  • Happy Place: Outside in the sun near water

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