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Hello there!  My name is Brandon.

I guess I’m an Original, which is a big deal around here. My better half is Emma, she’s also an Original and a super big deal. I’m usually the first victim in one of my wife’s pranks so I feel ya if she’s gotten you before.

Hundreds of new people have applied since I first arrived at Crossing the Jordan, so I suppose the Original Family’s success is an inspiration. I get it. I still can’t believe we’ve all been together this long. Seeing a person’s life go from totally miserable to over-the-top amazing is pretty cool.

I’m passionate about being a husband to my gorgeous wife and a father to my three beautiful daughters. You won’t catch me smiling too much though. I hear Michael and I have that in common. Brent’s the smiley face. We’re not grumpy, we just need to remind our face that our hearts are warm and this big guy gives some great hugs. My happy place is hanging out with good friends and family. I’m also known as the BBQ guy. I love to cook for others, especially at the men’s meetings.

I’m in a devoted bromance with my bestie Brent, the only other Original guy. Us men gotta stick together, because there’s some serious #girlpower happening all over this place. I’m a locksmith and no, I don’t just pick locks. I’m a skilled tradesman and I do a variety of commercial, residential and automotive locks and installation of security devices. Shout out to my Economy Lock and Key peeps. I love what I do and the best part is that I’m helping my community daily to fix some of the most aggravating situations. Locked out of your life? No worries. I’ll try to smile as I break you back in!

Fun Facts

  • Can’t live without: 10 min power naps in random places
  • Mostly likely to shop: Wherever my wife wants me to
  • Guilty Pleasure: Brand-new Jordans

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