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The Founders

The Founders


We hope so. If not, why not?

We hope our story and our lives inspire you to go for it. In life, as purpose driven entrepreneurs, in your relationships, with your family, all of it. It doesn’t matter how dark your past, what your current reality is, your economic situation, your criminal record, or your lack of experience or opportunity.  None of it matters. It’s just never too late to change. As long as you have breath in your lungs, new possibilities await.
If you have a heart to endure whatever temporary discomfort you might have to go through, then you are able conquer even the wildest of dreams. If your soul is on fire to make the world a better place, to get out of yourself, to climb that mountain as an inspiration to those that haven’t yet, well, then success will come and your dreams will become a reality. It’s just the way God works.
The pleasures of life are most enjoyed when you can look into the face of another human and know you made their day a little brighter. So go make the world a brighter place! Smile. Energize. Motivate.  People are waiting. We need more of YOU!


The Founders

Michael Bryant
Not Mike. I said Michael. I’m a serious type of guy. I’m told that I should smile more often. Thing is, I think I am. Who wouldn’t with the kind of life I have today?
Dana Bryant
Feisty as all get out. My grandfather was a professional boxer in New York so I think it’s where I get my fight.

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