Every year we go to Roseville Golfland Sunsplash. It’s a tradition. Tradition is very important to us at Crossing the Jordan.

Many of our residents come from chaotic homes where tradition and family fun were not a priority. Some may have had good memories as children, but a traumatic event or situation caused them to forget the good times. We all have our own set of circumstances that cause us to only remember the bad times.

Crossing the Jordan is all about creating new memories. This year we had our biggest group ever at the water slides. It’s important to learn to work hard and it is equally important to stay in balance and enjoy the fruits of our labors, otherwise, what are we working so hard for? That balance is a focus for us as a program and a tribe.

Life is meant to be lived with anticipation and adventure. The old life is gone and we have a new life to experience with joy and laughter.