Swimming at Healdsburg Memorial Beach has become quite a tradition here at Crossing the Jordan. We often head to the river on the weekends to rope swing and swim. Yes, those are children jumping off of the bridge, and the girl in slow motion is my daughter.

This year the best part was the police officer that stood near by as they all jumped. Yes, we had to stop. Yes, it was a bit risky. The officer smiled and was glad to see Crossing the Jordan enjoying the new life we have been given as he reminded us to be careful.

We don’t just ‘live a little,’ we live our lives as loud as we possible can so that we are an example of the love and joy and grace of God. We shine our lights brightly so that all those still hurting can see us and know that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

Share the video with someone you know that is still suffering. Let it inspire them! Life is too precious to let another day pass without fulfilling your vision. Send them our way because we live and breath to serve others.