Meet Victoria. In Phase 4 of her program here at Crossing the Jordan and proud to be a part of leading the other women in her home. Victoria has already seen her share of struggles, while parenting as a single mother. She has two beautiful daughters, ages 5 and 11. She has such a strong desire to do the right thing for her girls, no matter how hard it gets, that you can’t help but admire everything about her.

Victoria has a natural talent in dancing and we are always asking her to bust out a move, at all of our events together. She loves to smile big and bring you in for a real good hug. She has the most tenacious spirit about her, its infectious.

I’ve had many opportunities to sit with Victoria and get to know her as a person and a mother. Getting your life back is a hard process to go through and the reality that everything you did, as an addict starts to catch up to you.

Life had already been unfair enough for her daughters. With both of their dads in and out of prison, they haven’t had a father around, their whole life. That’s hard for a little girl who has a need for a fathers love. Victoria’s drug use and broken relationships made it worse and coming to terms with the damage caused by her choices, was a heavy lesson that needed to be learned.

By God’s grace, Victoria made Crossing the Jordan her sanctuary, where the healing and restoration could take place. Coming here is like driving up to a new home you need to remodel. Going through the front door is the first step. There are many rooms that need to be cleaned out and you need help and support patching the holes and sanding down the rough interior. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before moving in. It’s a weary process that takes lots of time and patience. That’s what going into Crossing the Jordan is like, just like remodeling an old home. There is an order to life transformation, to get the results you desire and need for an abundant life.

Victoria explains it like this: “coming out of such an unhealthy way of being where my morals and principles had just decreased in value, Dana and Michael brought a schedule to follow so that we could regain the sense of importance to each of these routines. We are now re-equipped, with life skills and a renewed vision for our lives.”

Victoria has had more tragedy at a young age than any child should have to endure. She’s overcome the hardest of times with her chin held high. She knows how to ask for help now and realizes she doesn’t have to be tough and alone anymore. She leans on God and her community to help her through.

“A mother who radiates self-love and self acceptance actually vaccinates her daughter with those same qualities.”

We honor you and your daughters today Victoria. We are so proud of your persistence and how you smile through the storms of #momlife.

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