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Christina Holt

Women’s Program

Crossing the Jordan has helped me find my hope again.  I wasn’t living life.  I had lost my children and my happiness.  When I came back here, I was blown away by all of the love and support I felt.  I guess you could say, it rubbed off on me enough and I was able to also feel that towards myself again.  I have my kids back and life couldn’t be better.  I have my hope and happiness.  Thank the Lord for this program, because I am truly living again!

Christina Donahoo

Women’s Program

Before Crossing the Jordan, I was homeless. I was in and out of jail and had lost all hope for life. Today, I have passion for my life, my job, and others. I have hope and faith that in God’s timing, my relationships with my children will be restored. I thank God everyday for our Crossing the Jordan family for walking beside me, believing in me and loving me when I did not believe or love myself. Now I do.

Justin Lynn

Men’s Program

Before Crossing the Jordan, I was in and out of prison and my default was broken. I was deceitful to avoid being uncomfortable. I had lost hope. Now, I am living a life with purpose. I love to live in the light instead of the darkness. With the training’s, I have changed my defaults from ignoring uncomfortable situations to facing them head on and accepting the outcome. I’ve established a relationship with my 13-year-old daughter for the first time. I know my new life is a gift from God.

Jimmy Freebury

Men’s Program

Crossing the Jordan has given me the value of giving back to my community as a father and husband. I was a gang member for many years. Today, my entire life is devoted to giving back to the new guy and to show them if I can do it, anyone can.  I am so happy because my life means something and I am able to encourage and bring hope to the hopeless.  I am passionate about growing our moving and storage services to give men an opportunity to train and find purpose in their work.

Mike Mosiurchak

Men’s Program

The program has given me the opportunity to become stable.  It taught me about commitment and community. How without the both of them, I was not successful in changing my life.  To learn about why I continued falling. It has taught me how to become a strong man of God which includes, how to be a better father to my children.  I am now leading other men to happiness and wholeness, with a future filled with passion and endless opportunities. I am now hard working, reliable and I walk with integrity.  I look forward to each and every day.

Gary Opp

Board of Directors

I am so honored to be a part of this life changing program, the lives of men, women and children are eternally changed because of the Holy Spirit working through Michael and Dana along with all of the supporting staff. My life and heart have been changed forever by witnessing Our Lord’s Hand guide and direct this ministry and business behind the scenes.

Paula McDonald

Graduate Parent

When Kristi was accepted at Crossing the Jordan, I felt an intense relief that she was finally off the streets and was going to receive help. I was a little afraid to believe she would follow through, but as time went on and as I saw how committed she was to the program, there began an amazing transformation in her life. Slowly, I was receiving my daughter back! Nearly six years later, she remains to be an amazing person!  Anyone who has doubts about the existence of God, need only talk with Kristi!!

Deb Rinkor

Love Ambassador

As a supporter of Crossing the Jordan, I have had the privilege of witnessing women change their lives. They have come to CTJ as unhealthy, addicted and hurting women. Over the course of time, these same hurting and broken women are learning a new way of living. They have become confident, healthy, clean and sober. Crossing the Jordan is truly making a difference in our community.

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