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Apply for the Program

Apply for the Program

Oh, so you want to apply?

Awesome. We are so excited! A little nervous? You’re not alone. We all were. The unknown can be scary and even if you’re miserable in your current reality, we understand that it’s familiar.  Almost every single person at Crossing the Jordan has been in the same moment you are in right now.  Well, if you’re going through hell? Listen, keep on reading!
Just do it.  Give yourself a chance.  Give your loved ones an opportunity to experience a new you.   We know you’ve been hurt.  It’s all painful at this point.  But freedom awaits on the other side of taking that first step.
This is just between you and us, and we are over here praying for you.  Look, whatever led you to this page, we get it. We’ve all been there! That’s why we all do what we do.  But…It’s time to be about sacrifice. And it starts with you choosing life.
We’ll be right here waiting for you! For goodness sake, we have an entire army of encouragers all ready to go into battle for you. We know the heartache, we have felt the pain and we get how paralyzing the loneliness can be. Heck, we built this place with you in mind.
If you are afraid…do it anyway.  We’ll help you dream again. In time, you will see that every tear you shed, and every ounce of suffering you have endured will have meaning when you use it for good, for the hope of others.
Now, get those fingers typing.  We can’t wait to meet you!
Fill out this form.  If you don’t hear back within 24 hours, call Kristi at 707-393-1726.
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