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The Program

The Program

The Program

Crossing the Jordan Offers a High Retention 18-Month Residential Recovery Program in Santa Rosa, that Successfully Helps Men and Women Live With Purpose.

Who We Serve

  •  Addicted
  • Domestic Violence
  • Human Trafficked
  • Homeless
  • Anyone (except persons with crimes against children)

We don’t care where you came from. We’ll work with any person seeking to change, to anyone with a vision that is greater than the pain of their current reality.

Our only requirement is that you are serious and count the cost of transformation. We are committed to support, pray, guide you and be the biggest bunch of cheerleaders you’ve ever seen. It won’t be easy but it is worth it.

What We Do

  • 18 Month Residential Recovery Program
  • 6 Month Aftercare
  • Course Curriculum
  • Job Training
  • Case Management
  • One-on-one Coaching
  • Parenting Classes
  • Drug Education
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Transformation Workshops
  • Outside Conferences
  • Intrepid Training
  • Fitness Classes
  • Program Vacations
  • Peer Group Counseling
  • Leadership Training
  • Drug Testing

What We Believe

If you can’t tell by now, we’re a family. All of us kind of wince when we have to describe ourselves as a residential recovey program.  A more suitable description would be ‘tribe’. We do have structure and we follow a strong course curriculum with five phases, each one adding more responsibility and expectations for growth. We run a tight ship and yes, you’ll get the random drug testing, parenting courses, groups, case management, one-on-one meetings, addiction education, pastoral counseling, housing, job training, workshops, strong accountability, and all the standards you get in a ‘program’, but it still feels more like a family.


We’ve just become so much more than a residential recovery program. We focus on developing leaders in the community.  We operate with excellence and we each treat this company as our own. The seeds we sow into our operation are an opportunity for the next parent and child to start over. We recognize we’re impacting an entire family when just one family member chooses to change. We encourage each person to give their greatest contribution to their family, tribe, community and we walk alongside each person as they discover what that means.

We serve in local events for the purpose of building relationships and after opportunities to lead by example. We are intentional about bringing joy, laughter, power and passion everywhere we go.  We create the time and space to see the bigger picture and we appreciate how important our contribution is in the world. We each have a voice and something to give. Our gifts to the world are worthy to be acknowledged.

Health and wellness is a big deal to us. Sarah, our Director of Programs, developed the ‘Optimal You Quest’ curriculum, focusing on eating clean foods and body healing at a cellular level.  Fitness is an essential part of getting well. Cross-fit training, local hikes and brisk walks are a part of our weekly schedule. It’s good for the body, clears the mind and is refreshing for the soul. It might be a little tough at first, but we really dig healing ourselves, as well, from the inside out.

We go on family vacations to Tahoe, Sunsplash Water Slides, we take trips hiking to the Trinity Alps, we attend conferences, outside training’s, and weekend retreats.  We believe that you can learn in a classroom but it doesn’t stick unless you experience it. Add zip-lining, graduate skydiving trips, and mountain climbing to the mix and we’re just an unprecedented residential recovery program. We work hard but play harder.

Our main women and children’s home allows for 35 beds and it’s located on a beautifully landscaped acre of property. Both of our men’s homes, an additional 30 beds, happen to be some of the very few in the country that allow fathers to have their children live with them full time. That means so much to us.  Fathers getting to be fathers with support and guidance. Each space is treated and designed like a family home, with play structures and outdoor living. Creating healthy habits and reinforcing them into our daily routines is critical and allows for each home to become a safe and loving space.

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